Israeli Inheritance

Israeli Inheritance and

We help English speakers from all over the world navigate through the process of receiving Israeli inheritance...

Unclaimed Property

Inheritance of Abandoned Israeli Property

We assist clients in the multi-faceted release process of reclaiming Israeli land or Israeli bank accounts which are currently managed by the State of Israel....

Real Estate

Israeli Real Estate

We help English speakers rent, sell and buy Israeli homes locally and remotely.


Israeli Estate Administration

A little-known reality of Israeli inheritance law is that executors are NOT routinely appointed.


Israeli Wills

Estate planning may seem like a fancy word, but if you own an apartment or bank account in Israel, you have an Israeli estate and need to make an Israeli Will.


Israeli Lasting Power of Attorney

The Israeli lasting power of attorney is an important estate planning document that enables you to choose an agent to handle your matters if you can’t manage them on your own.