Israeli Wills


Estate planning may seem like a fancy word, but if you own an apartment or bank account in Israel, you have an Israeli estate and need to make an Israeli Will.

We are sensitive to the unique needs of our English-speaking clientele, who are not familiar with Israel's inheritance laws and who often have assets in other countries, in addition to Israel.

Let's start with the most critical service we will provide: we will draft your Israeli Will in English.

In addition, we will advise you on Israeli private international law regarding assets outside of Israel.

Each client has a unique situation. For some clients, an Israeli Will could address worldwide assets, while for others this is a serious estate planning mistake. During our first meeting, we'll go through your assets carefully and establish the correct method of estate planning for you.

Without an Israeli Will, the rigid hierarchy of Israeli inheritance law will determine the order of inheritance.

Most of the time, Israeli inheritance law will not suit your family's needs and wishes. Here are two examples of common situations, where an Israeli Will is needed:

  • You are married and have three children under the age of eighteen. The most important aspect of the Israeli Will in this situation is to name guardians for your minor children. Looking beyond that, without an Israeli Will, your spouse will only get 1/2 of your assets, while the three minor children receive the remaining 1/2 of your assets (1/6 each). This can cause financial hardship for the surviving spouse.
  • A widower owns property in Florida, Portugal, and in Israel. He does not have children but has very close friends and charities dear to him. He needs to make an Israeli will to make gifts to friends and charities; otherwise, they will not receive anything. In addition, we will advise him on the Israeli private international law aspects of estate planning for foreign assets.
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