Israeli Real Estate

The first thing we tell our English-speaking clients is to forget everything they know about renting, buying, or selling real estate outside of Israel!

Customs, culture, negotiation styles, and Israeli law vastly differ from the US and UK.

Our office is here to assist you with every step of the real estate process,  connecting you with all the service providers you might need in a real estate transaction, such as mortgage brokers, bankers, appraisers, and inspection companies.

Our goal is to provide Israeli real estate services with a level of professionalism and transparency that you are used to from home.

Israeli real estate? We can help.

Renting an Israeli Apartment

  • Title search to ensure the landlord is the lawful owner (you'd be surprised)
  • Negotiation of Lease agreement to protect tenant's rights
  • Review of option periods
  • Lawful security deposits
  • Insurance matters
  • Repairs
nitza avenue in netanya city from above
Hadera - Israel. Aerial View Of The "Eco Park" And The Eastern Side Of The City

Selling an Apartment in Israel

  • Updated title work – cleaning up the title if needed
  • Full listing services
  • Custom marketing plans
  • Full cooperation with all buyer's agents
  • Israeli capital gains tax (if not exempt – referral to tax specialist)
  • Referral to appropriate accountants if foreign capital gains tax applies
  • Drafting Sale Agreement

Buying an Apartment in Israel

  • Title research – including verifying whether parking spaces, storage units, and gardens are lawfully registered to the apartment
  • Reviewing the purchase agreement
  • Israeli purchase tax
  • Negotiating the purchase agreement with the Seller's attorney
  • Registration of Warning Notice to protect buyer's rights
  • Transfer of ownership to Buyer
Harish, new city in Israel. Main street (boulevard). Construction site. Unfinished buildings.

We can help you buy or sell a home in Israel, whether you are in Israel or need to get it done remotely.