The Israeli lasting power of attorney is an important estate planning document that enables you to choose an agent to handle your matters if you can’t manage them on your own. The name of the document in English is a translation from Hebrew and this is why you might see it called various names in English such as continuous/enduring/durable power of attorney. This is simply a choice that each attorney makes in referring to the same Israeli estate planning document.

Unlike a “regular” power, the Israeli lasting power of attorney is designed to work for you if you reach a point where you can’t handle your own matters, as defined by Israeli law. These are the three broad "matters" covered by the Israeli lasting power of attorney.

  • Financial matters – for example: managing anIsraeli bank account and bill paying, handling rental property, and dealing with Israeli government offices such as National Insurance.
  • Personal matters – such as arranging in home care or opting for an assisted living arrangement outside the home.
  • Medical matters – for example: giving consent for all medical matters (such as cataract surgery). There is a very important exception: the LPOA DOES NOT COVER “end-of-life” decisions. The Ministry of Health has advanced healthcare directives on its website for such instructions.

We help you create this important estate planning document and provide you with a full English translation, so that you can rest easy, knowing that you've appointed trusted family or friends to take care of your matters if you are unable to do so. In addition, we'll provide the statutory advanced healthcare directives and direct you to English-speaking doctors that can explain the directives and help you sign them.

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