Israeli Estate Administration

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A little-known reality of Israeli inheritance law is that executors are NOT routinely appointed. Even if an executor is named in a US or UK will, there is no guarantee that the Israeli Courts will appoint that person to act as the Israeli executor, or that the Israeli Court will appoint any Israeli executor.

We can advise you on whether an Israeli executor is needed and whether the Israeli Court will appoint such an executor. The function of an Israeli executor is highly legal, with reporting duties to the Israeli Court and the executor must be well versed in Israeli inheritance law. For this reason, family members from outside of Israel that are named as executors in a Will, are not able to fulfill the role of an Israeli executor.

Our office provides Israeli estate administration and can act as an Israeli executor to assist in the management and distribution of complex Israeli estates in these types of situations:

  • Multiple Israeli rental properties to be managed
  • Israeli real estate with title issues
  • Sale of Israeli real estate, escrow accounts and distribution to beneficiaries outside of Israel

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