Is there an Estate Tax in Israel?

NO - there is no estate tax in Israel, however, Israeli capital gains tax might apply to Israeli real estate inherited by non-residents and then sold. Always consult an Israeli attorney before listing an Israeli property for sale to learn about your possible Israeli tax exposure and deal with any possible title issues, to ensure a smooth sale.

Can I get my Israeli inheritance without traveling to Israel?

YES – we can help you with all the necessary paperwork to process your Israeli inheritance remotely.

Can I sell my Israeli apartment without traveling to Israel?

YES - we can help you sell your apartment in Israel remotely and assist with transferring funds received to your bank account outside of Israel, after payment of any debts and Israeli taxes owed, and you do not need to travel to Israel.

Can your office probate a Will, drawn up in English, in the US or UK?

Absolutely, we frequently are called upon to probate a Will drawn up in New York or California, which includes or covers Israeli property, in addition to US-based property.

Do I have to go to the Israeli Consulate to sign paperwork to work with your office?

No – we make your life easier and will send you all the necessary documents in English and you can sign before a local notary (US) and go through the Apostille certification process in your State.

Does my spouse inherit my entire estate under Israeli law?

NO – not if you have children! If you pass away intestate (without a Will), your spouse inherits 1/2 (half) of your estate and your children inherit 1/2 (half) equally between them; this includes minors and when minors inherit the funds have to be invested on their behalf.

Can I waive my rights to an Israeli inheritance?

YES – in most cases you can waive your rights (for example in favor of a surviving parent) and we can prepare the necessary paperwork for you to sign and then file the waivers with the Israeli Family Court.

Can our family make an inheritance distribution agreement that is different from the division under our late father's will?

YES – our office can draft an inheritance distribution agreement that suits your goals and needs, even if this results in a different distribution than the Will.

Can I make an Israeli Will in English?

Yes, our office caters to English speakers and we draft your Will in English.

Can my agent under an Israeli lasting power of attorney sell my home?

NO – your agent under an Israeli lasting power of attorney cannot sell your Israeli apartment without the approval of the Israeli Family Court.

Can a US resident (non-Israeli citizen) be the agent under an Israeli Lasting (durable) power of attorney for a parent that lives in Israel?

YES – absolutely- even if you live in Alaska, you can be the agent for your parents, who reside in Israel, provided the lasting power of attorney is properly drafted and authorized by a lawyer, such as myself, who has gone through the Ministry of Justice training and is authorized to file these documents.

Does the Israeli Lasting power of attorney cover advanced health care medical decisions such as "end of life" decisions?

No – end-of-life decisions are covered by the Law of the Terminally Ill Patient and statutory forms can be downloaded on the Ministry of Health website.